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Applications in Algebra


ALGEBRA REVIEW:                                              real numbers; exponents and radicals; fractional expressions; solving equations

FUNCTIONS AND GRAPHS:                                           Cartesian plane; graphs of equations; lines in the plane; functions; graphs of functions; combinations of functions; inverse functions;  quadratic functions;  higher degree polynomials; synthetic division; zeros of polynomial functions; complex numbers;  fundamental theorem of algebra

TRIGONOMETRY:                                                                        sine/cosine graphs; other trig graphs; trig form of complex numbers; De Moivre´s Theorem and roots;

EXPONENTS AND LOGARITHMS:                           exponential and logarithmic functions; properties of logarithms; solving equations;  applications of exponents and logs

SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES:  systems;  linear equations in two variables;  inequalities;  linear programming

MATRICES:                                                       matrices operations;  matrices and systems;  operations;  codes and matrices.




Precalculus (3rd ed.) Larson & Hostetler


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As the time available is limited and the material to be studied extensive, it is possible that not all your questions will be answered in the class time available. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he understands the fundamentals of each topic covered. This will mean that the student must have the conscientiousness and perseverance to work on his own and with others (students and teacher) to find solutions to the problems he has been assigned. Please ASK me for help if you are having difficulties and cannot proceed. We will arrange a time to discuss the situation.


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