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Look at the picture. It is part of a photograph of a world famous imagturnpagee that you would instantly recognize.  It is probable that you will see,  or will have already seen,  this image today.  The photograph has been modified in a computer program to give the effect that you see.  Several TRANSFORMATIONS have been carried out on the original image to produce the result.  The program (Ulead iphoto Express) has numerous ways to manipulate the image.  Their name for these manipulations is TRANSFORM!! 
The last manipulation is called "Turnpage" in the program and gives the effect of a curled page.

In Mathematics changes to equations will affect the appearance of their graphs.  Although the new graph resembles the original it may be in a different location.

Linear transformations may involve REFLECTIONS,TRANSLATIONS  and DILATIONS


A translation slides the image vertically or horizontally and will not change the size and shape of the image.  Individual points in the photograph have been translated by the program to give a smudging effect rather than moving the complete image in one direction.  Adjacent points may have been moved in different directions giving the blurred appearance that you see. 


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