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Lesson title:   Activities connected with  the  Pythagorean Theorem

Subject and Grade Level:  9 - 12th  grade Mathematics

Brief Description:   The investigation of selected activities connected with the theorem,   which serves as the basis of the distance between two points.

Objectives —The students will be able to:

    1.   Recognize the importance of the Pythagorean theorem to find the length of a line segment.

    2.   Read written presentations of mathematics with understanding.

    3.   Understand the concept of Pythagorean Triples.

    4.   Demonstrate  proofs of the theorem other than a Euclidean proof.

Educational/Skills Goals (Include academic (standards) and Internet goals)

    1.   Represent situations that involve variable quantities with expressions and equations.

    2.   Ask clarifying and extending questions related to mathematics they have read or heard about.

    3.   Appreciate the power of mathematical abstraction and symbolism.

    4.   Be able to conduct research (locate, analyze, conclude)


  • Computer with Internet connectionpythagtri
  • Word Processor
  • Pencil and Paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Internet resources involved (web addresses)

          URL:   Reference:

Other Resources:  School textbooks ;  Encyclopedias


  • At the Proofs site find three proofs of the theorem.  Include President Garfield's proof.
  • Draw diagrams showing the development of  each proof.  Indicate the lengths by means of variables.
  • Write  a paper of at least 300 words about Pythagoras and his society.
  • Prepare an oral report,  or a written paper,   on "How  the Pythagorean Theorem affected the ancient world  and our world today".
  • Write a computer or graphing calculator program to generate a list of Pythagorean Triples for values up to 100

Timeline:  3 weeks

Non-Internet Activities:  Class assignments on the formula required to find the length between two points.   proofs of the Pythagorean theorem using Euclidean Geometry.

Internet Activities:   see above procedure

Assessment (Evaluation):  The following Rubric was established for assessment of the project.

Excellent  = 4        Very Good =3        Fair =2        Poor =1


    Managed time wisely                    4            3            2            1
    Used computer and                      4            3            2            1
         books as resources
    Documented  resources              4            3            2            1
    Wrote clear, coherent,
      and detailed information           4            3            2            1
    Presented to the class                 4            3            2            1
    Organized information                 4            3            2            1

_______________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

After the lesson is taught, review the following:

    Set-Up Time Required

    Class Time Required

    Problems and Issues that were encountered


    Recommendations for Improvement


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